Let us just start by saying Thanksgiving is our absolute FAVORITE holiday! Family, Friends, Food – what more could you ask for in life? Well maybe just one more thing- some Green Man Cannabis to go along with the meal! Whether you prefer to smoke before, during, or after dinner (or all three in our
Ghost Train Haze Sugar Wax by Denver Dab Co. Available at: Green Man Cannabis in Denver.   “If every dab looked and tasted like this one, we would probably be convinced to consume it for the rest of our lives. Ghost Train Haze (GTH) Sugar Wax from Denver Dab Co. was a delicious treat that
Every month GMC selects the best and brightest of our team and honors them with Budtender Of The Month! They are recognized for their outstanding customer service, passion for the industry, and professional work ethic.  Keep an eye out for these friendly faces on your next visit to GMC, and if you’ve met them before-
Fall in Colorado is a short-lived, breathtaking transformation of the Rocky Mountains. When the weather starts to turn colder, the trees breathe out vibrant yellows and golden hues cover the hillsides. What better way to take in all the beauty than a lovely fall afternoon drive over one of Colorado’s many mountain passes while enjoying
On Sunday August 27th the best and brightest from the cannabis industry came together to celebrate the accomplishments of the previous year. The event was held at The Church Night Club off Broadway in Downtown Denver, it started at 6pm and the after party lasted until midnight. It was great to gather friends and family