-GUEST POST- Cannabis-infused food and drink is one alternative to smoking cannabis that many people find healthier and tastier, which become more popular among people after cannabis legalization. Edibles also have some advantages compared to vaporizers. However, there are a few things that a person should know if they are completely new to edibles because
Every month GMC selects the best and brightest of our retail team and honors them with Budtender Of The Month! They are recognized for their outstanding customer service, passion for the industry, and professional work ethic.  Keep an eye out for these friendly faces on your next visit to GMC, and if you’ve met them
Thursday March 29th the leading names in the cannabis industry gathered together again at Temple Night Club to celebrate and recognize the best in the business at the 2018 Rooster Magazine THC Championship.         The party was known as the “Kick Off To April” as the 420 madness begins for anyone involved


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Green Man is now on SnapChat! Now you can follow your favorite budtenders adventures through the store at both of our locations! Check out the crystals on the buds of our most recent batches, new edibles and accessories and even exclusive specials and deals!   The snap codes for each store are listed below, Happy

Why Live Resin is a Game Changer

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-Guest Post- It’s not often that I come across new forms of cannabis I haven’t encountered, but recently, when I went to my local cannabis dispensary, I found “liquid live resin” on the menu and immediately felt like a naive teenager again. I learned that liquid live resin, or simply live resin, is a concentrate,