Wilfredo Rodriguez   Name: Wilfredo Rodriguez Age: 26 Where Are You From: New York, The Bronx How long have you worked for GMC: Over a year Favorite method of consumption: Flower and any way to inhale it (haha) Favorite Strain: Ghost Train Haze Favorite Edible: Coffee and Doughnuts Coda Bar Favorite Music: Happy Hardcore (DJ

Grape Cola Review By Caroline

Strain: Green Man Grape Cola Genetics: Pre-98 Bubba Kush Phenotype   One of our most asked for strains, this Indica Dominant kush phenotype has won the hearts of customers and employees alike. Grape Cola is easily one of our most photogenic strains; it’s signature purple tinge and dark orange hairs stand in major contrast to
I was diagnosed with PTSD early 2017. For years, I had been dealing with mood swings, depression mostly, very high stress and anxiety levels, mild paranoia, sleep issues, and social anxiety. I went through many doctors and therapists who would throw prescriptions at me, left and right, like a cocktail for my madness, only they

Green Crack Wax Review By Cody

There’s no doubt that here at Green Man Cannabis, we’ve stepped up our Hash game! We often partner with some of the best extracting companies around to help dish out quality concentrates at an affordable price. Recently, we teamed up with the award-winning Harmony extracts team and asked them to craft some fine house concentrate
Every month GMC selects the best and brightest of our retail team and honors them with Budtender Of The Month! They are recognized for their outstanding customer service, passion for the industry, and professional work ethic.  Keep an eye out for these friendly faces on your next visit to GMC, and if you’ve met them