Wana Brands leads the cannabis infused products industry in quality, consistency and potency. Wana products comprise of a full line of edibles, including our delicious market leading gummies, Drops, and WanaCapsXR, a family of extended release cannabis capsules that provide symptom relief for up to 12 hours. Wana
The Ghost Train Haze and Starkiller are my absolute favorite strains to mix together. I’ve dubbed this super stony combination as The Ghost Killer. The flavors of piney OG and sweet citrus make this a winning combo every time I smoke. I usually prefer to break these buds up with a grinder since the buds
What could Afghanistan, Colombia, Pakistan, Mexico, and Thailand all possibly have in common? Two words: Star Killer. You can see here that our Star Killer is coated with trichomes. In other words, it looks really frosty. The orange hairs complement the light and dark shades of green. The bud structure is neither dense nor wispy
Sweet Grass Kitchen is a small-batch bakery that produces freshly baked, cannabis-infused edibles throughout Colorado. In 2009, Sweet Grass Kitchen’s journey began. With the help of our in-house cultivation, we’ve long prided ourselves on our true crop-to-cookie delivery made special with our very own slow-simmered, triple-strained, full-flower cannabutter. Today, our product line is award-winning and
Founded in 2015, Harmony Extracts hit the ground running with a singular goal: to create cannabis concentrates of the highest quality and potency… the best nature will allow. The hummingbird was chosen for the brand because it is one of nature’s natural extractors. Harmony Extracts produces Shatter, Wax, Sugar, Live Wax, Live Sugar, and Live