What Are Dabs? By Michelle

What are dabs?   Many people have heard of oils, but what are they? Oil, 710, hash, concentrate, dabs, wax-  all roughly boil down to being the same thing: refined, concentrated, marijuana- derived product that usually tests between 60-90% THC. Solventless versions of concentrate are produced through pressure and heat (like rosin) or ice water
OG Kush crossed with an unknown indica; possibly Northern Lights. That’s our Bubba Kush for you. A nice, light, functional indica with a very sweet, aromatic flavor. This isn’t your typical Bubba Kush; which can have a spicy, earthier taste. There is plenty of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol acid to give you that Indica feeling but still remain
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Ghost Train Haze Review By Ben

Ghost Train Haze: This is the most euphoric energetic sativa out there. If you live in Colorado and have not tried the Green Man Cannabis cut of this strain, I suggest that you reexamine your priorities. Lemony fresh and consistently potent, this is the only sativa that matters. If it’s not Green Man Ghost Train
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