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The State of Colorado has specific guidelines that determine the validity of an ID and what is an acceptable form of valid ID to use to purchase cannabis. To be clear on what form of identification you need to bring along, please see the information below.

A valid Identification must include:

  • Individual Name
  • Photo
  • Current Address
  • Expiration Date (not expired)
  • Birthdate which indicates an age of 21 or older
  • In good condition (no cracks, chips, damage or inability to read essential information)
  • Security formatting associated with that particular form of identification (seal, watermark, logo, paper type, etc…)

Types of valid ID that are accepted include:

These types of identification are not considered a form of valid ID and are not accepted:

Note: Not all ID’s that are not accepted are noted here.

  • Permanent Resident Cards
  • International ID Cards
  • Non-Colorado Temporary Driver’s License Paperwork
  • Employment Authorization Card
  • Government Agency ID
  • Offender ID Card

Example of a State Issued, Colorado valid ID:

 valid ID, Colorado valid ID


Green Man Cannabis currently offers Recreational Cannabis sales only. You must be 21+ and present a Valid (non-expired) Government issued ID.


We are currently CASH ONLY, and we do have an ATM on-site. 

Hampden: 8:00 AM - 9:45 PM

Santa Fe: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM



7289 E. Hampden Avenue, Denver CO, 80224

Santa Fe:

1355 Santa Fe Drive, Suite F, Denver CO, 80204


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  • If you are a Recreational patient with a valid State issued ID you are limited to: One Ounce (28 grams) per day. 



Green Man Cannabis offers a variety of products including flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and much more! Visit our STRAIN PORTFOLIO to see images and descriptions of  the variety of Green Man Cannabis Strains! Check out our PRODUCTS page for detailed descriptions or our MENU page to see what's available now!

general Questions

Green Man Cannabis offers a huge variety of strains and each one has it's own unique benefits, so choosing the right strain for you can depend on a few different things.

  • What ailment are you treating?
  • What do you plan to do after consumption?
  • What effects are you looking for?
  • What is your tolerance level?
  • What effects would you like to avoid?

Check out this article "Choosing the right Strain for you" for more info.

The effect of edibles is going to vary greatly between different people. There are multiple factors that can play into your dosing level and it is important to find just the right amount.

  • Your Tolerance Level
  • Your Consumption Rate
  • Your Metabolism
  • Have you eaten anything else that day


Check out our blog article "5 Things You Should Know About Edibles" for more info

There are two main methods of consuming marijuana through inhilation.

There is using a table top or hand held vaporizing device that heats up a ceramic, titanium, glass or quartz piece that will heat the marijuana flower or concentrate when it comes into contact, to a high enough temperature (usually between 325 and 375 0F) that it causes the cannabinoids and terpenes to change from a solid to a liquid to a gas while keeping the rest of the leaf intact. This is true Vaporization and arguably one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis.

Smoking is relatively straight forward, you consume the product by burning or scientifically known as causing combustion of the marijuana itself. Either in a pipe, joint, bong, what have you, when you smoke marijuana this way you heat the marijuana to extremely high temperatures creating actual smoke that contains carbon monoxide and other bi-products of smoke. Smoking marijuana by burning it also creates a second hand smoke that people can get high from making it hard to smoke around non-smokers or even in public casually. Burning weed destroys about 30% of the THC so you are actually wasting a small amount of active ingredients. However smoking weed is also one of the oldest methods of consuming marijuana it is a tried and true method that many people claim makes them feel more of an effect than vaping.

End the end both are great methods to consume your cannabis and it is ultimately a personal decision.

CBD short for Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid that accounts for about 40% of the plant’s extract. Studies have shown that it has the potential to be anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, antipsychotic, antibacterial, inhibit cancer cell growth, promotes bone growth, reduces blood sugar levels, inflammation, risk of artery blockage, small intestine contractions, vomiting, and nausea. Relieves pain and anxiety (as well as THC induced anxiety), slows bacterial growth, suppresses muscle spasms, it also has the ability to stabilize disrupted or disabled NMDA receptor pathways in the brain. It is tranquilizing, can treat psoriasis, and it decrease activity of the limbic system. Although CBD has been shown to help with a number of ailments its affects are still being studies and are up for debate, However we have learned the secret behind why it works on so many diseases and conditions – the endocannabinoid system, a central component in the health and healing of the human body.

Visit our Education & Research page to learn more!

That is going to depend on your ultimate goal. Are you trying to manage severe pain or just relax? Are you looking to be completely stoned or remain functional? What is your ultimate goal when you decided you wanted Marijuana? Once that has been establish you need to decide if you want to smoke, vape, or eat your Marijuana and then you can go from there. Legally Recreational shoppers are allowed to buy 1 ounce per day, Medical patients are allowed 2. There is no real amount that would be referred to as an “average amount” that someone could smoke in one day; it depends on things like tolerance and metabolism. Be sure not to purchase more than you can consume for a few reasons. Medicated items cannot be returned (state law for fear of possible contamination) and it is illegal to transport marijuana out of the state. Get a little pipe and a Gram of Marijuana or an edible to try out, and if you want more you can always come back! There is a drop box at the airport for you to discard any un-used Marijuana products that the police then pick up and safely destroy.

To make a long answer short – taxes and licensing, that’s really it. The product must be tracked from "Seed to Sale" as a recreational product or a medical product. Recreational products are taxed multiple times on the producers side which relates to a higher cost product, on top of the current 21% sales tax that is implied at the time of sale.

There’s no limit on the amount of THC in recreational marijuana vs the amount in Medical marijuana.

The limitations on recreational marijuana are:

The amount of marijuana (edibles and concentrates included) that can be sold to you at one time – 1 ounce or 28 grams.

Edibles come in the form of milligrams (it takes 1,000 MG to equal 1 gram) and on the recreational side they are required to be dosed into 10mg increments and no entire product can contain more than 100mg.

It should also be noted that when it concerns product other than the actual marijuana flower it can be hit or miss on finding the product on the recreational side. This is because these product are purchased through a 3rd party that also has to have a recreational license for that particular product to be sold recreationally.

When trying to explain the difference between the three main classifications of Marijuana we always use the same tried and true easy key to remember: Indica = In Da’ Couch Sativa= Stimulant or stevia as in sugar as in energy Hybrid = mix of both. To explain in a few more words Indicas are traditionally the strains that tend to provided more of a body high, they tend to be higher in CBD naturally so are GREAT for pain management but they do tend to make you want to just hang out maybe watch a movie or take a nap so be aware if you have a lot to do that day maybe save it for the evening. Sativa’s on the other hand are known for their uplifting cerebral high. They tend to make you feel a little more motivated and creative, however if you are prone to panic attacks and anxiety tread carefully these strains can make the heart a little racy at times so can exasperate these issues. Not all Sativa’s will though so its best to just take it slow and keep that in mind. Hybrids really are just flat out that a hybrid mix of the two other classifications. They can be Indica or Sativa dominate which just means that it has more Indica or Sativa genetics or they can be a straight 50/50 mix. These strains are great because you can truly get the best of both worlds especially if you want a more “custom” high as in you need pain relief and body high from Indica’s but also want to be motivated like you get with Sativa’s. Hybrids can get you that.

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